Ambre et coffret
coffret | small box with amber
Box & Amber
Merlin VYB Inc.

Box & Amber

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  1. New Arrival - New Dimensions! Open-Work Wooden Box (≃1.5 x 1¼ x 1") + 1g Pure Amber: $11.99
  2. Soapstone Bowl (≃ 3 x 1") + 5g Pure Amber: $29.99 Spécial $24.99
  • Imported from India
  • Properties: Attracts prosperity. Calms and keeps in harmony the body and mind. Uplifts feelings of love and friendship. Propitious to dreams.
  • TipsAmber can be burnt or not. By placing it in a closet or a drawer, its sweet aroma will delicately impregnate the room. It would also be appreciated in the car. You can also put it in a small quantity in a cone burner or a perfume burner where you have previously poured a little water. Its sweet scent, with woody and vanilla accents, will sensually embellish the entire space.

  • Can also be burned like incense resins

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