Bracelets magnétiques
Bracelet magnétique
Bracelet avec aimants
magnetic copper bracelet
magnetic  bracelet
Merlin VYB Inc.

Magnetic Bracelets

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  • 3-Metal Magnetic Bracelets
  • Hand-made in India
  • Unisex & Adjustable
  • 4 Styles available
  • Scroll down the menu ''Option'' to select your style
  • Carefully selected, these bracelets are not only pretty ornaments, they are also known for their health benefits. Since early times, copper and magnets are believed to be helpful in relieving arthritis and rheumatic symptoms. Indeed, copper emits antioxydant and anti-inflammatory properties. It also reduces joint pain and stiffness and is good for the immune system. Recommended to wear it tight on the wrist so that the copper emits its maximum benefits.