How to burn incense resins

Burning incense resins requires the use of an incense burner, sand and Three Kings Charcoal.

Withdraw one tablet from the roll of charcoal and place it in an Incense Burner containing sand. Light the edge of the tablet using a match or candle. A slight crackle will quickly spread over the entire surface. Wait until the end of the crackling, when the charcoal begins to glow and a fine bed of ashes appear before depositing a small amount of Incense Resins. While the the charcoal burns (approximately one hour), you will be able to add resins leisurely.

Carefully reseal the open rolls after use and place them in an airtight container or bag (example: Ziploc). Well-preserved rolls from heat and humidity will provide a high inflammability and ensure long duration of combustion.

Watch a video: How to burn incense