Properties of Merlin Incense

The Power of Incense ...

Discover the eloquent power of the different fragrances of flowers, plants, tree resins and plants imported from all corners of the world and be inspired...

Amber: Attracts prosperity. Calms and keeps in harmony the body and mind. Uplifts feelings of love and friendship. Propitious to dreams.

Arabic: Used in purification and protection rituals. It increases spiritual and psychic forces.

Basilica: A Church incense mainly elaborated for prayer. It could be burned while formulating any plea or request.

Benzoin: Awakens enthusiasm, idealism and kindness. Emphasizes respect for others and self-esteem. Helps to fight immoderate attitudes. Chases away gloomy thoughts and depressive tendencies.

Cinnamon: Inspires vitality and courage. Promotes prosperity. Elevates spiritual qualities. Awakens joy, confidence and affection. Traditionally aphrodisiac.

Cherub (Electre):  Favours the realization of the most intimate projects. Awakens latent divine aspects in oneself. It is the spiritual illumination incense.

Copal: Inclines towards generosity and attracts abundance. Inspires ideals. Seals agreements peacefully. It is an in incense of comfort and protection.

Dragon Blood: Its power breaks down obstacles, revives courage and stirs up combative energies. It increases psychic strength and generates active protection.

Forest: Creates an atmosphere of harmony and beneficial peace for meditation. Increases strength and energy on all levels. It is also a powerful protective incense.

Frankincense: Purifier and will tonic. Favors self-control. Increases vitality and creative force. Inspires authority, dignity and loyalty.

Jasmine: Warmly harmonizes heart and soul. Calls abundance and luck. Awakens awareness and self-esteem. Brings joy and peace. Suitable for meditation.

Jerusalem: Purifies the senses. Recommended in spiritual exercises. Promotes mental and emotional harmonization.

Lavender: Encourages patience, gentleness and righteousness. Inclines to work and induces self-control. Grants psychic protection. Brings joy and creativeness.

Magi: Balances energy exchanges between the body, spirit and soul, thus contributing towards a complete regeneration.

Mastic: Elevates adaptability. Stimulates discernment. Contributes to the development of magnetic capacities. Increases vitality.

Myrrh: Crystallizes the imagination. Fights passivity. Refines the sense of reality. Repels psychic negativity. Promotes the circulation of energetic fluids. Helps in relaxation.

Patchouli: Meditation incense. It inspires the sense of the sacred. Sets up for relaxation. Summons prosperity. Aphrodisiac.

Pax Spiritus: Beneficial for meditation. Favours inner peace. Facilitates the awakening of dynamic energy leading to action. It is uplifting and heartwarming. Promotes good humor.

Pontifical: Conducive to the receptivity of subtle energies.  Used during initiatory rites. Also used during reunions for prayers and meditation.

Rose: Awakens psychic abilities. Inclines to passion and pleasure. Soothes anxiety. Increases creativity and perceptiveness.

: Lends itself to prayer and meditation.  Promotes outward expression of consciousness, facilitating "out of body" experiences. It stimulates artistic talents and strengthens the immune system.

Seraph (Oedipus): Promotes all inner alchemy exercises. It is a powerful vector of purifying energy. Confers a strong sense of truth. It is the Contemplation incense.

Vetiver: Promotes wealth and luck. Fights emotional and psychic negativity. Elevates magnetism.

White Sage: Powerful protector and purifier. Increases intuition and wisdom. Contributes to well-being.

Wintergreen: Fumigating this incense purifies and refreshes the atmosphere, providing a gentle comfort during massage or meditation sessions.

Ylang Ylang: Raises self-confidence and psychic gifts. Sets up for healing and perceptiveness. Inspires love and sensuality

Dare your creations ...
Burn several different types of incense (spicy, floral, woody ...) simultaneously to create your own ambience. If it is a large room, you may also burn a few sticks at a time, one or more different fragrances ...