All Natural Quality Incense - Merlin Incense made in Quebec, Canada

Discover Merlin Incense : True, Subtle and Authentic Fragrances...
  • Made of Premium Quality ingredients, Pure & 100% Natural
  • Composed of Flower, Plant & Tree Extracts carefully selected from different regions across the world
  • Free from chemical and synthetic additives
  • Hand-crafted in Quebec, Canada by Merlin VYB, a well-established family business since 1996

How to preserve Merlin Incense Sticks
Made of pure essential oils and resins, it is 
important to keep this incense in its package, airtight and well-sealed,  in a cool, dry place, away from daylight. Otherwise, the fragrance will eventually evaporate as there are no preservatives.
Tips You can burn several sticks simultaneously and create your own fragrance by combining different types of incense, such as Floral (ex. Rose, Jasmine...) with a Spicier tone (ex. Cinnamon) or an Earthy Scent (ex. Vetiver). In a large room, you can burn at least two sticks of the same or different fragrances at a time for a more generous ambience.