About Us

Merlin VYB is a dynamic and independent Quebecois family business that has been providing and distributing incense and accessories since 1996. Committed to the quality and authenticity of its products, Merlin also manufactures its own line of incense, called Merlin Incense.
About Incense Merlin
The Encens Merlin These are high-end incenses, entirely natural. The aromatic ingredients are carefully selected, despite the sometimes exorbitant cost of certain resins and pure essential oils from flowers and plants from various regions of the world. The artisanal manufacturing process reflects the concern to always maintain full control of quality. There is no compromise on the authenticity and quality of the raw materials. Thanks to unique expertise, we can guarantee you a high-end line of incense, without any chemical or synthetic additives.
About Artemisia Annua
  • Inspired by the results of research conducted with theArtemisia AnnuaIn 2021, we have decided to organically cultivate this precious plant. By respecting the rules of the art, we pay meticulous attention to details, quality, and love in our manufacturing process. Determined to offer exceptional products, we work with great care to ensure high standards, dedicated to a clientele demanding a seal of superior quality.