How to Smudge

How to smudge White Sage 

Sage fumigation is a traditional ceremony performed by some Aboriginal cultures to purify and cleanse the energy, thoughts or negative emotions of a place or person.

The process of «smudging» or burning a stick of "Smudge", whether small, medium or large, does not make a difference. Firstly, the room or place to be fumigated must be well ventilated. Light the top of the sage stick with a long match or candle while holding it at the bottom. Once well lit and the smoke begins to emerge, move or rotate the smudge stick in the desired direction. It is necessary that it be constantly well-ventilated, which helps the stick to stay lit.

To bring as much air as possible, you can for this purpose, like the Native Americans, use a small fan, or simply your hand. This will naturally increase the desired time for smudging. If you leave a smudge stick motionless in its container, it is normal for it to go out, no longer having sufficient air supply. In this case, you should light it again. You can also add a little Cedar .


White Sage can be smudged in an Abalone Shell, ideal for burning Sage leaves, or in an Incense Burner. Using your hands, you can direct the smoke to your body, especially the parts that need spiritual healing (mind, heart & body). According to some studies*, the scent of burning plants stimulates endorphins that promote healing processes. Smudge in all the rooms of your house, including the nooks and crannies, with an intention of your own.

Did you know that Sage is also beneficial for the hair?

An infusion with Sage leaves will give your hair fiber strength, shine and a feeling of lightness. Unlike commercial shampoos which contain chemicals that damage the hair, Sage is a natural alternative that prevents oxidation of hair due to its anti-oxidant properties. You can also add Rosemary or Thyme to your infusion.

* Gifts from the Creator for man's use...The smudging ceremony, KiiskeeNtum (She Who Remembers), Vol.16 no.2, 1998