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Wintergreen Incense

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  • Wintergreen Incense (also known as Mountain Tea) is made of premium quality wintergreen pure essential oil, all natural, without any chemical or synthetic additives.
  •  12 Sticks per Package
  • Properties: To burn this incense purifies and refreshes the air, bringing mild comfort during massage or meditation sessions.
    Wintergreen is a group of aromatic plants commonly referred to as evergreen, a small species of shrubs that grow in the forests of Canada and North America. In summer, white to pale pink flowers appear as small bells, and in the fall, they give scarlet red berries. Its essential oil has remarkable properties: anti-inflammatory, analgesics, antispasmodics, anti-rheumatic, cough suppressants; in addition, they stimulate the liver and calm joint and muscle pain (tendonitis, lumbago). This plant is therefore widely used in sports medicine.