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Small Shell
Small Shell
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Small Shell

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Sea shells can be used for burning incense. They are often used as a natural and aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional incense holders. This shell's (4.5 x 5") concave shape makes it suitable for holding incense sticks, cones, or even loose incense. Here are a few points on how these shells can be utilized for incense:
  1. Incense Sticks: The shell can hold the ashes from burning incense sticks, preventing mess and making cleanup easier.
  2. Incense Cones: The shell can hold an incense cone securely, allowing it to burn completely while catching the ash.
  3. Native American Incense: Filled with a small amount of sand, the shell can serve as a base for burning loose sage leaves, Palo Santo or resins, using a charcoal tablet.
Shells are popular in various cultures for their symbolic meanings and practical uses. They are often associated with the sea and natural beauty, making them a decorative yet functional choice for burning incense.